About Us

For all its technical power, medicine is not a technical enterprise.
The practice of medicine is a special kind of relationship to people and to life;
That relationship is called service.
In this time of crisis, the recovery of our lineage of service will be our strength
And also the healing of medicine.

                                   - Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

The above statement hangs as a plaque at the inside door of our office. It expresses most succinctly who we are. The Physician Assistant, the LPN, and the office manager have each worked in different medical offices for 15 years or more. We have chosen to leave the production-driven medical model and come together to create a place for people to be heard and to find the care they need. We have good relationships with both the allopathic and alternative medical practitioners in the valley for referrals if necessary. Our supervising family practice physician is always available for consult and we have a visiting gynecologist who we can call on for specialist services.

We call ourselves "All Families Healthcare" because we want people to know that whatever your situation or family make-up, you will be accepted and respected here. Everyone deserves health care and we will work with you toward that goal.

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